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The specification and model of ball mill

Date: 09-23-2017 Email: machine@hxjq.com

Ball mill is a mineral processing and building materials industry commonly used milling equipment, it’s based on factors such as its raw material, structure and performance of the ball mill then it can be divided into many types, different specifications for each ball mill is different, here are several common ball mills.

1. Ball mill

Ball mill is a universal grinding equipment, which is widely used in materials. The main characteristic of ball mill is large amount of treatment, and the following is the standard model of ball mill and its basic parameters.

2. China ware ball mill

The lining board of China ware ball mill is made of ceramic, small size, less investment, fast back to this, but the capacity is small, production speed is slow, it’s suitable for small-scale production, the advantage is high grinding material purity , the board can be changed according to the grinding materials.

3. Cement ball mill

Cement ball mill is also called cement mill, it is common milling equipment in cement production line, it is also most widely used of the ball mill, it’s on the basis of ball mill, combined with the characteristics of cement raw materials research and development, its advantage lies in large capacity, simple structure, stable running, it can form a complete set of corresponding cement production line for production. The following is a common cement ball mill specification and technical parameters

4. Rod mill

The grinding body of Rod mill is steel rod, it is often used in the production line for product size and have strict requirements, its advantage lies in uniform particle of grinding the material , grain is exquisite, excessive phenomenon is not serious, production is more efficient, energy saving more than 41% than the old type equipment, it can reduce costs.


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