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Price determinants of Jaw crusher

Date: 09-23-2017 Email: machine@hxjq.com

The jaw crusher of our company has been in the market occupies a very important position, serving more and more users, also greatly promoting the development of China's mine production. Henan jaw crusher application range is very wide, which can meet the requirements of different materials. The jaw crusher of our company with advanced manufacturing technology, high-quality wear-resistant parts, with a more high-intensity crushing strength, high production efficiency. Users in the purchase of jaw crusher pay much attention to the price, hope that the high quality at the same time the price can be cheaper, but the jaw crusher price decision factors are many.

1, Model

Jaw crusher models are different, the price will be different, the user should choose their own production requirements to adapt to the equipment model, so as to obtain the maximum production efficiency.

2, Manufacturing materials

Jaw crusher manufacturing material prices also determine the level of its price, because the cost of manufacturing materials accounted for a larger part of the cost of jaw crusher, manufacturing materials of high prices, jaw crusher prices will be increased , or vice versa.

jaw crusher prices

3, labor costs

The level of labor costs also affect the price of jaw crusher, labor costs are an important part of  jaw crusher production costs .

4, Manufacturing technology

High manufacturing technology and high level of technology, then the price will rise.

5, Market factors

When the market jaw crusher oversupply, jaw crusher prices will be relatively lower, on the contrary, will rise.


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